Kits not yet built

For many models of aircraft designed by Dutch manufacturers it is a matter of oppurtunity to purchase them. Some are no longer produced and can only be obtained from eBay or on scale modeling events, others appear now and then as short run kits. So whenever I get the chance, I buy a kit not yet in my collection. And as my speed of building is not extremely high, there is a considerable back log and kits are piling up in the attick.

Also, I do not adhere very principled to the idea of collecting only 1:72 and 1:144 scale kits. If a model appears in 1:48, which I don't have yet in my collection as a 1:72 or 1:144 scale model, I buy it. And I like to build and compare kits of a specific model from different suppliers.

Since 2018 I have also joined the world of short run resin kit producers under the brand name HA (Holland Aircraft) Models. A kit of the Koolhoven F.K.43 has been produced and the 58 copies were already sold out in a couple of months. The moulds are now worn out, but a second series of 30 copies has been produced in 2020. A kit of the Koolhoven F.K.49 has been produced in over 70 copies as wel as a kit of the Koolhoven F.K.49A (Finnish version) in 50 copies. A kit of the biplane Trompenburg-Spyker V.2 trainer and of the Fokker S.IIa ambulance plane have also been produced, each in a series of 50 copies. All are in 1:72 scale and are for sale now.

So what's still in store?
In the mean time I have acquired some pretty good scale drawings, that will allow me to build some models from scratch. They are
There are also some kits, of which I know that they (have) exist(ed), but which I could not purchase yet. If you know where I could get them, let me know!
And then there are kits, of which I know that there is a fair chance that they will be produced in the (near?) future.
I have given inputs to the late Jan Pala of Omega Models, based on data, drawings and photographs provided by Willem Vredeling and from my collection of reference books,  for the Fokkers D.XIII, T.III, C.IV, DC.I, D.XVI Panther, Jupiter, Jaguar and Conqueror. The C.IV (in several variants), the DC.I, the D.XVI Panther and D.XVI Jaguar have been released up till now. Inputs have also been given to Detlef Schorsch of Classic Plane for the Pander S.4 and to LiftHere for the Fokker S.13.