Cut-away drawings of Fokker aircraft

DXIIIIn the years 1996-1970 the  Royal Netherlands Aicraft Factories Fokker have published five calendars featuring cut-away drawings of a number of Fokker aircraft. The drawings have been made by R. ter Cock. I have scanned in three of the calendars, each with twelve drawings, and converted them in pdf files. When you download them: they are large files, so be patient.

The calendar of 1968 contains drawings of the Spider (Spin), F.II, C.V E, F.VIIb/3m-W, D.XXI, T.VIII-W, D.VII, F.VIIb/3m, G.I A, F.10, F.27 Friendship and the F.28 Fellowship.

The calendar of 1969 contains drawings of the D.XVI, F.IV, S.IV, F-14, C.V E, F.III, F.VIIb/3m, C.VIII-W, F.XXII, F.27 Friendship and the F.28 Executive.

The calendar of 1970 contains drawings of the M.1 (a development of the Fokker Spider), C.I Lynx, C.V D, F.IX, PW-7, T.IX, F.VIII, T.IVa, F.25, S.12, F.27 Troopship (with Starfighter nose, aka Flipper) and the F.28 Fellowship.

From the Internet via the Fokker Web I have also downloaded 43 drawings from the same author. I have collected these in one document. Most  drawings are the same as the ones in the calendars. Unfortunately the resolution of the drawings is less than the ones in the calendar files.